Within the ECONOMIC department ADVISORIA offers services aimed at meeting the needs of our clients in the tax, labour and accounting fields.

ADVISORIA, with headquarters in GRANOLLERS and MATARÓ, develops its activities offering to businesses and individuals the corresponding counsel along with a complete commitment to the client with the aim of achieving excellence • excellence in service with the maximum amount of trust in and proximity to the client.

Some of the services our ADVISORIA professional team provide include:

  • Individual and corporate tax law
  • Tax planning and analysis of all tax policy legislative changes
  • Tax and labour audits and due diligence
  • Advisory services and implementation of everything related to accounting.
  • Accounting statements review and legalisation.
  • Advisory services and implementation of everything related to corporate tax calculations to be paid.
  • Fulfilment of corresponding formal obligations.
  • Complete labour advisory services: hiring, redundancies, modifying employment conditions.
  • Payroll preparation.
  • Legal and corporate advisory services.
  • Tax proceedings and tax inspection (before the tax authority) advisory services
  • Tax authority verification and investigation proceedings: Tax Administration inspection proceedings, as well as abbreviated verification of a general nature and before all of the inspection bodies and units dependent upon the Tax Administration.
  • Advisory services for economic-administrative procedures in all types of procedures before the regional and central economic-administrative courts: lodging of claims, preparation of declarations and appeals.
  • Viability plan
  • Company valuations
  • Company buying and selling, review and due diligence procedures.
  • Analysis of internal procedures to obtain better results.
  • Fulfilment of the different monthly, quarterly and yearly declarations.
  • Restructuring operations, mergers, splits, contributions in kind, transfers of a branch of activity.

In the current complex and changing environment, ADVISORIA and our counselling and management services are by our client’s side when it comes to taking decisions in the day-to-day and in the management of all their resources. We act with maximum accuracy and legislative knowledge. As such, we always have experienced, specialised professionals ready to offer the best advice.

ADVISORIA can consult you on your company’s human resources management

... From the start:

  • Legalisation of new business.
  • Analysis of the different categories of existing contracts.
  • Special clauses: confidentiality and exclusivity, ... / ...
  • Annexes
  • Proper framing within the Social Security system (General, Self-Employed, Domestic Service).

... During development:

  • Ordering of the salary structure, applying collective agreements, business agreements.
  • Applications and issuing of permits and licences.
  • Contract novations: workday, salary.
  • Functional or geographic mobility.
  • Application of disciplinary rules and suspensions.
  • Tax treatment of payments.
  • Representation before the Labour and Social Security Inspectorate.
  • Social Security Benefits: Temporary Disability, Maternity and Paternity Leave

... And, if necessary…, at the end:

  • Disciplinary dismissals.
  • Individual or collective terminations on objective grounds.
  • Work Redundancies
  • Social Security Benefits: Retirements and Permanent Disability.
  • Wage Guarantee Fund.

Legal department contact

Economic department contact

Montserrat 54 3º
08302, Mataró
93 799 80 90

Navarra 3 local
08401, Granollers
93 870 18 66
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